Flashback Friday: A look at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Deer House

In 1884, this was the Deer House at Wade Park Zoo. The Victorian-style structure is one of the oldest zoo buildings in the US and is still in use. Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Sate University, Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland Memory Project.

As all the little ghosts and goblins prepare to enjoy “Boo at the Zoo” we thought it only fitting to feature our customer and partner Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for Flashback Friday!

Did you know Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was originally named Cleveland Zoological Park, and opened its doors in 1882 at Wade Park where the Cleveland Museum of Art currently sits? Neither did we until we started to research our fine city.

The land was donated by Cleveland Industrialist Jeptha Wade, who owned all of the property in the Wade Park area, and it quickly became known as “Wade Park” because Mr. Wade turned the land surrounding his home into a large park area for all to enjoy.

The Zoo was fairly small, only housing animals of local origin; mainly a herd of American deer and a few other local farm animals, nothing exotic.  In 1907, the City of Cleveland (who then owned it) decided to move the Zoo to its current location in the Old Brooklyn area of Cleveland to make space for the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Could you imagine going to the zoo in the Wade Park area?

The City of Cleveland had major plans in store for this little Zoo, because upon moving to its new location in 1907, the Cleveland Zoological Park gained 183 acres of land, acquired its very first elephant, and was equipped with the then very popular and quickly trending commodity known as electricity.  Beginning in 1910 new construction was underway for multiple animal exhibits.

Throughout the decades, the Zoo experienced the ups and downs of life like the rest of us; it underwent many expansions, but also experienced major setbacks including the loss of the entire reptile collection and multiple buildings due to flooding when Big Creek overflowed in January 1959.

In 1975, the Cleveland Metroparks took full ownership of the Zoo, and it experienced rapid expansion.  Mr. Wade would be proud to know that one hundred thirty-four years later, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to 3,300 animals and over 500 different species, and it is undoubtedly one of Northeast Ohio’s most popular attractions as it welcomes more than a million visitors annually.

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Have a cup of Coffee with CPP!

SMGRAPHICS3 -Customer Appreciation.jpg

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October 4, 2016 · 8:00 am

We’re Celebrating Public Power!

Public Power Week Demonstrates Power of Community

CPP Celebration Activities Open to All

This Oct. 3-8, Cleveland Public Power (CPP) will celebrate Public Power Week along with more than 2,000 other electric utilities that collectively provide electricity on a not-for-profit basis to more than 47 million Americans. Cleveland Public Power is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable service and takes pride in serving, and being a part of, the community. Public Power Week helps CPP share this message and show the power of community.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, CPP will host a series of family activities open to the community in celebration of Public Power Week.

  • A “Power Pedal” bike ride kicks off the day at 9am at the Whale Wall, 5251 North Marginal, Cleveland. Bicycle enthusiasts will ride through downtown Cleveland to demonstrate how much man power is needed to generate power for an entire house.
  • The third annual Solar Sprint begins at noon on East 13th at Lakeside Ave. with a record 22 teams of local students participating. This event highlights the importance of renewable energy and engages the students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities while having fun.
  • Finally, CPP’s tenth annual Open House will top off the celebration from noon until 5pm in the parking lot of CPP’s Administration Building, located at 1300 Lakeside Ave. Activities include demonstrations on how power is transmitted from substations to homes, rides in a bucket truck, face painting, and more family friendly activities for the community.

“Cleveland Public Power recognizes the importance of keeping the lights on for the people of Cleveland, and we strive to continuously find ways to do so with special dedication to reliability, safety and the environment… after all, this is our community – your power,” said CPP Commissioner Ivan Henderson.

In business for 110 years, CPP is the largest municipal power company in the state of Ohio. Today, CPP boasts 36 substations throughout the city of Cleveland and serves more than 70,000 residential and commercial customers. CPP remains strong, safe and reliable as it strategically positions itself for the future. As one of the most reliable systems in the nation, CPP’s employees want its customers to know that they are committed to continuing to provide quality service for the next 100 years… you can Count on it!

Public Power Week is a national event sponsored in conjunction with the American Public Power Association (APPA) in Washington, D.C. APPA is the service organization for community and state-owned electric utilities.

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It’s Throwback Thursday!



Tools of the trade and Electric Safety Town exhibits at the 1st Annual Cleveland Public Power Open House in 2006. Warren Salad, lineman, demonstrates how electricity comes into your home. Salad has since retired from CPP. Join us for this year’s festivities on Saturday, October 8 from Noon – 5 p.m. at 1300 Lakeside Avenue.  (City of Cleveland file photo)


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Cycle CLE with CPP, October 8th


Join Cleveland Public Power in celebrating Public Power Week by taking a morning bicycle ride through downtown Cleveland!

Over the last few years, biking has really gained momentum in Cleveland, and in an effort to showcase our town and highlight the benefits of bicycling CPP invites the public to join in on the fun!

The ride will provide great exercise. an intimate tour of downtown Cleveland and it has the potential to generate enough power to light a home for a month!

You see if we can get 600 riders travelling at 10 mph, that physical power, when converted into kilowatt-hours, would power a home. Just a cool tidbit to shoot for!

So gather up your friends and join us for a ride around town. The ride will conclude at our Public Power Week Open House, held at 1300 Lakeside Avenue. Refreshments will be served and you can learn how Cleveland Public Power has brought electricity into Cleveland home and businesses for 110 years!

For more information, give us a call at 216-664-3922. Register below:


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Flashback Friday – Solar Sprint

As we prepare for this year’s first Solar Sprint Workshop we thought we would share some photos of the beginning of this awesome competition. The photo grid below is from the September 2014 Workshop. That year we held one Workshop, as opposed to this year – we are hosting a total of four Workshops and have twenty-two teams participating!



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So, what is a Line Truck?


Everyone knows what a “Bucket Truck” is, but this particular truck in the photograph is called a Line Truck, and we use this vehicle every day. It’s primarily used to dig deep into the ground to help us set up new utility poles. Also, it assists us with lifting heavy equipment like the transformers we place at the top of your utility poles.

Not familiar with transformers? We’ll tell you a little about those in a future post.


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