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Call 621-LITE for Streetlight Malfunctions and Outages

Cleveland Streetlight - if you see a malfunctioning light call 621-LITE

Cleveland Streetlight – if you see a malfunctioning light call 621-LITE

With more than 65,000 streetlights in Cleveland, we appreciate your help reporting those that are out or malfunctioning. This includes lights that don’t come on in the dark and those that stay on when it is light outside. You can help us conserve energy when lights are not needed and keep you safe when they are!

  • Call CPP’s automated streetlight outage line at 216-621-LITE (5483).

When you call our automated streetlight outage line you will be prompted to answer a few questions such as your name, phone number and the house address closest to the pole. You’ll also be able to call back with your confirmation number to track our maintenance progress.


When you submit a report on our website, we will ask for information regarding the location of the outage as well as your contact information in case more information is needed. Rest assured, this information is bound by our terms and conditions.

The information you provide helps us locate the streetlight and schedule it for maintenance so our crews can stay focused on your power needs.

As with any safety concern we ask, “If you see something, say something” and the same is true with streetlights – If you see a malfunctioning streetlight, report it! Call 621-LITE and together, we’ll keep our community safe and conserve valuable energy for all.

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