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Thank you, Cleveland Indians!


Image: Destination Cleveland.

It’s only fitting that Thursday, November 3, 2016, is an overcast and rainy day in Cleveland. Spirits are low, but pride is running high in this town that has taken on the moniker Believeland!

The power of believing in yourself, your town and your sports teams is part of the fabric of life in Cleveland. We are often the underdog, the little guy that most believe are out of the contest before it begins. This year, we have shown the world that Cleveland is a POWERful city and we have a committed and strong support system. Our support system will #rallytogether when others discount us. We will fight until the bitter end and wake up the next day – win, lose or draw knowing that we gave it our all!

So from the little guy power company to our ALCS Champions we say “Thank you,” for a great season and for showing the world the “little guy” can compete just as well as the next guy!


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