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UPDATE 4: Crews making progress in cleaning spill near Forest City Yacht Club

CLEVELAND — Crews continue to make progress in cleaning up an unknown substance that was released Friday into Lake Erie near the Forest City Yacht Club in Cleveland. Much of the heavy product in Lake Erie has been recovered.

Remaining product continues to dissipate through natural processes, such as rainfall and evaporation, causing it to pool less and making it more visible as a rainbow sheen on the surface of the water. This may cause it to appear as if the spill is spreading when, in fact, the rainbow sheen reflects a thinner product and requires the use of different equipment and techniques, which responders have prepared for, and will begin using during the next 24 hours.

The crews are operating under the direction of a unified command, consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyOhio Environmental Protection AgencyCity of Cleveland Public Utilities, and Cleveland Public Power.

The Coast Guard established a safety zone from the southeast corner of Burke Lakefront Airport to the western breakwall of East 55th Street Marina. Boaters are prohibited from transiting through, anchoring or entering into the safety zone. Additionally, boaters must not produce wake while transiting near the Forest City Yacht Club since doing so reduces the effectiveness of the substance containment and recovery equipment being used.

The investigation and cleanup operations are ongoing, and more information will be released as the situation develops and it becomes available.

Photos of the response are available at the links below.








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