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Incandescent versus Compact Fluorescent, you be the judge

Recently Cleveland Public Power hosted a Customer Appreciation Celebration in effort to thank our loyal customers and to launch our new Energy Efficiency and Conservation unit. As part of this celebration,

Customers receive information on Energy Efficiency & Conservation.

Customers receive information on Energy Efficiency & Conservation.

CPP customers had the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive a “Whole House Lighting Makeover”. This makeover simply put, is the replacement of all incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Each of the winners will also participate in the CPP CFL Pilot Program where we will measure their power usage with the more efficient CFL’s  and compare it to their prior usage with incandescent bulbs.While surfing for good information to provide for visitors to the blog, we came across this piece on National Public Radio (NPR), “Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Shine In Tests”. It has some interesting information and addresses many of the questions swirling around the debate over bulbs.

Stop by the NPR site and take a listen. We would love to hear your feedback, particularly if you have switches to cfl’s; have you realized a savings, and would you recommend them?

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!

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