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Ohio Technical College, fueling the auto industry with local talent

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Welcome to Transformation Tuesday! Each week in this space we will share information on Cleveland Public Power and its customers, helping to highlight some of Cleveland’s gems.

What started in the late 60s as a fledgling truck driving school with just a few students has grown into a 900-student strong school for pretty much every thing automotive.

Ohio Technical College (OTC) offers training in programs that include auto mechanics, body work, sports and motorcycle repair, classic car restoration, BMW repair and truck driving. Located on East 51st, the college is housed in what was once the White Motors Corporation Service Garage.

Ohio Technical College

Students rebuild an antique car at OTC. (CPP File Photo)

“We train students for specific careers that they can walk right into after graduation,” says Mark Brenner, President of the Cleveland -based school. “We are definitely a college with an outcome.”

Students attend classes year round, for 18 months, until they graduate. About 20% of the students take classes toward an Associates Degree in applied science, but most are interested in certification in a specific area of expertise, according to Brenner. High on the technical scale is BMW training, where students train to work on the German engineered cars at BMW dealerships throughout the country. To hone their skills, the students train on brand-new BMWs.

“All of our students have an enviable array of tools and resources to work with,” says Mr. Brenner. “It’s our way of ensuring they are knowledgeable on the highest technology upon graduation.”


Mark Brenner, President of Ohio Technical College (CPP File Photo)

With more than half a million square feet in total area, the school needs a power company that can deliver. Air compressors, bake ovens for paint, power tools, grinders, sanders and plenty of computers mean that OTC requires plenty of power to keep its students learning.

OTC appreciates the fact that CPP was as committed to excellent customer service as the college places in educating its students. “We’ve made a decision to stay in Cleveland, ” says Mr. Brenner. “Cleveland Public Power helped us with the conversion of the older buildings we’re in, and helped us maintain our energy needs for the growing technology of the automotive industry. They made the investment in the conversion, and it benefits both of us.”

Reprinted from Cleveland Public Power Annual Report.

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