Celebrating Lineman Appreciation Day

Today we are tipping our hats to the men and women who serve our community as Linemen. Join us by sending them a kind message or thanking them when you see them out working to ensure you’re always able to flip a switch and feel the warm glow of lights.


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CPP seeks to engage with customers

With MyCPP customers win!

Today Cleveland Public Power launches a new online platform to further engage and educate its customers on electricity and energy usage.

MyCPP is an online platform, accessible by a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone, where you can get information about your CPP account online and interact directly with CPP.  You can also earn points and rewards on the site and learn how energy is used in your home.


facebook-Linked_Image___Home Brilliency (7)

This is the opening screen, where all of the fun begins. To engage, earn points and learn about your electric usage visit http://www.cpp.org, and click on the link.


MyCPP lets you access your account in a dynamic and online environment, charting your energy use over time and inviting you to answer questions so you can learn how to be smart about energy use.  You will earn points and rewards each time you visit.  From MyCPP you are able to access the online bill payment feature and you can earn points for timely bill payment.  The more you visit, the more you learn about how to make the most of your CPP account.

CPP wants you to have the tools you need to use energy in a smart way.  Points and incentives are given to individuals who answer questions on the site, pay their bill on time, visit CPP at community events and who post positive messages about CPP on social media.  All of your points and badges are tracked through MyCPP, so log in often and earn more points.

Click the MyCPP link to enroll today!

The first time you log in you will have to create an account with MyCPP.  You will need an email address and your account number, which is located on your bill.

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Registration open for 2017 Lineworkers Rodeo, May 5-7

It’s Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and we’re remembering 2012 when @clepublicpower had the honor of hosting the annual American Public Power Association Lineworkers Rodeo!

Registration is open for this year’s Rodeo to be held in San Antonio May 5-7th! You can learn more and register by clicking here.

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Are you prepared for the Storm?


CLE this is what forecasters are predicting for the next few days. Are you prepared? (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

The National Weather Service (NWS) has placed a Winter Storm Watch warning out for northeast Ohio beginning at 5 p.m. today and continuing through 8 p.m. Wednesday. Local forecasters are predicting accumulations of 8-12 inches of snow.

The snow is expected to be wet heavy flakes that have the potential of accumulating on power lines and tree branches, so what should you do to prepare?

In Your Home:

  • Make sure you have flashlights, battery-powered radio and extra batteries in case of an interruption of power.
  • Charge cell phones, tablets, and laptops so that you can stay connected in the event of an outage. Also, charge your chargers for extra power.
  • Gather blankets, sleeping bags and extra clothing to keep everyone comfortable.
  • Keep non-perishable snacks and food that does not require cooking handy.
  • Stock up on bottled water.
  • Keep a cooler handy with ice packs and/or ice to keep perishable items cold in case of an outage.
  • Unplug and avoid using major electric appliances

Food Safety:

  • Unless there is a major outage extending more than 4 hours, your food should be safe in the refrigerator as long as you leave the doors closed. After that point, you may want to begin to prepare and/or eat the food.
  • Food in the freezer will hold much longer. According to the USDA, “a full freezer will hold the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed.”
  • If it appears the outage will last for a prolonged period of time, the USDA advises obtaining dry ice or block ice to keep the refrigerator cold. The USDA reports “fifty pounds of dry ice should hold an 18-cubic foot full freezer for 2 days.”

In Your Car

Prepare an emergency kit that is always available. Some of the items you should include are:

  • A shovel
  • Windshield scraper and small broom
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Extra batteries
  • Water
  • Snack food
  • Matches
  • Extra hats, socks, and mittens
  • First aid kit with pocket knife
  • Necessary medications
  • Blanket(s)
  • Tow chain or rope
  • Road salt and sand
  • Booster cables
  • Emergency flares
  • Fluorescent distress flag

If you find yourself outside during a storm remember the following:

  • Downed power lines – Never touch, move or go near any downed or hanging lines. The first action should be to call 9-1-1 or your local utility. CPP’s Trouble Line can be reached by calling 216-664-3156.
    • Do not put your feet in water where a downed line is laying
    • Do not try to move tree limbs
    • If you see someone who has come into contact with a downed line, do not touch them, again call 9-1-1
    • If a line comes down on your car stay inside, roll down your window and warn others to stay away. Call authorities or ask a passerby to call authorities. The only time you should exit a vehicle with a downed line on it is if it has caught fire. If the vehicle is on fire, open the door and jump with both feet together to avoid contact with the car. It is metal and therefore you could receive a shock.

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CPP recruiting Student-Apprentices


First year line apprentice Jovani Adcox (left) and First year cable splicer apprentice Timothy Adcox work together in the field. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

On Saturday, April 1st parents and their high school seniors are invited to attend an informational session on the Cleveland Public Power Student-Apprentice Program slated to begin in August 2017.

The Student-Apprentice Program seeks highly motivated and disciplined students to begin a career with the public utility. Successful candidates must graduate from a Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) high school, be at least 18 years old by the September following graduation; have a proven record of commitment to their schooling by demonstrating a 93 percent attendance rate over four years and a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

The program combines supervised on-the-job training with classroom instruction to teach students the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. Paid on-the-job training helps them gain entry into a high-wage occupation while they learn!

Each selected candidate will begin the program as a Student Assistant where they will gain first-hand insight into the trade. Through on the job instruction, mentoring, field training and demonstrations, they will be exposed to many exciting and fast-growing career fields.

After completing the training candidates will transition to the position of Intern Apprentice. In this capacity, they are given the opportunity to choose one of the following career paths: Line Worker, Cable Splicer, Electric Meter Installer, Transformer Repair Worker, Low Tension Line Worker, Line Helper Driver or Gas Turbine Mechanic

If you have a student that fits these criteria, call us today at 216-664-3922.

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Be Safe: Never Touch Exposed or Downed Wires

We’re all working to keep the residents of Cleveland safe!

Straight from City Hall

Protect yourself and others, recognize and report potentially unsafe conditions.

High winds throughout the city and surrounding areas today have left a number of trees, limbs and wires down. A high wind warning is still in effect until 7pm and wind gusts are currently approaching 60 mph at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The City of Cleveland reminds all residents and visitors to be safe. Please never touch exposed or downed wires, watch for loose debris in roadways while driving, and report potentially unsafe conditions to authorities immediately.

Cleveland Public Safety and Cleveland Public Power crews are working to find and make safe any exposed or downed electrical wires. Their training and equipment keeps them safe while they work. Most residents and visitors, however, don’t have the same protection so it’s especially important to remember the following when you see exposed or downed wires:

  1. Never touch exposed or downed wires no…

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CPP presents 2017 budget

Last Friday, Cleveland Public Power and the Department of Public Utilities presented its 2017 Budget to Cleveland City Council. To view the presentation, click here.

PowerPoint Presentation

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