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City of Cleveland Super Hero Crime Fighter Contest – Deadline 7/28

MNO SuperHero Facebook Post

Annually the City of Cleveland hosts “Mayor’s Night Out Against Crime” events in each of the city’s five police districts. The goal is to engage residents and law enforcement personnel in a relaxed environment. We want youngsters to get to know the men and women who are tasked with protecting them and to begin to see them as a friend and a resource.

It is also meant as an opportunity for law enforcement personnel to develop relationships with residents and young people. An attempt to humanize all parties in an effort to reduce conflict and increase cooperation and confidence.

This year we are seeking to engage youth through the “Super Hero Crime Fighter Design Contest.” This contest hopes to give our young people an opportunity to create their vision of what a crime-fighting super hero looks like. The winning designs will be incorporated into a logo/design for future “Mayor’s Night Out Against Crime” events. Below you will find the rules and regulations for the contest. Hard copies of this information will be available at City of Cleveland Recreation Centers, and Cleveland City Hall Room 6. For more information please call 216-664-3447.

Criteria for Participation


  1. Youth must reside in the City of Cleveland

Age Restrictions

  1. Youth must be eight (8) years of age by June 12, 2017, and must not be older than thirteen (13) years of age by June 12, 2017.

Contest Rules:

  • Each entry must be the original work of one child;
  • One submission per child.
  • Designs may be horizontal or vertical.
  • Any 2D art medium may be used (crayon, markers, colored pencil, etc.) Please no computer generated images or 3D materials (glitter, glued items, etc.)
  • Words and numbers may be included in the design
  • Be creative! Please do not use copyrighted art, logos, etc.
  • The contest runs until July 14 and is open to children ages 8-13
  • All entries are due by 4 pm on July 21. Return your entry to City of Cleveland, Community Relations Board, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Room #, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
  • A winner will be selected by the City of Cleveland Mayor’s Night Out Against Crime Community in two categories Ages 8-10 and 11-13 for each of the City’s five (5) Police Districts.
  • Winners will be notified by phone by July 28. The winning designs will be incorporated into an overall Mayor’s Night Out Against Crime Design for the 2018 event
  • All winners will receive a certificate as well as the publication of their design.

Name: ______________________________________________

Age: __________ Phone: __________________________

City: ________________________________________________

All entries become the property of the City of Cleveland  and may be reproduced for public distribution,

and posted online.  The City of Cleveland  may use each winner’s name, design, and photograph for publicity purposes.

Parent/Guardian signature: _____________________________________



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CPP presents 2017 budget

Last Friday, Cleveland Public Power and the Department of Public Utilities presented its 2017 Budget to Cleveland City Council. To view the presentation, click here.

PowerPoint Presentation

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Celebrating #GoRedWearRed Day!

Go Red Wear Red

Cleveland Public Power employees don red in honor of #NationalGoRedForWomen Day. Photo by William Rieter, City of Cleveland Photographic Bureau

Today we are joining millions around the country to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke among women. Did you know that 1 in 3 women lose their lives to heart disease and strokes annually?

This year we answered the call of the American Heart Association and donned our red in support of our women. You can show your support by wearing red and encouraging the women in your life to know their numbers. What numbers you ask? Here they are:

  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL (good) Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Monitoring these numbers will help women determine their risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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Remembering Dr. Martin L. King


The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his thunderous speech at Glenville High School on April 26, 1967, saying “We’ve got to organize so effectively and so well and engage in such powerful creative protest that there will not be a power in the world that can stop us.” Photo courtesy of Cleveland Public Library.

As the nation pays tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin L. King today, we thought it only fitting to remember his connection to the city of Cleveland.

As Clevelanders, we know that our city holds a plethora of history including the first city in the nation to have publicly lit streetlights – Public Square;  it was once known as the richest community in the world with Millionaire’s Row a.k.a. Euclid Ave as its showcase; and we have darker memories that include the infamous Hough Riots.

We all know who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was, what he stood for, and we appreciate that most of us get a day off from work in his honor.  However, have you ever thought about how strongly connected to Cleveland he actually was?

Dr. King frequently visited Cleveland in the mid-1960’s after the Hough riots aiding community leaders and offering advice on dealing with the city’s racial problems while working feverishly to register black voters and to assist in boosting Carl Stokes’ chances of becoming the first black mayor of an American city.

On April 26, 1967, during his visit to Glenville High School, Dr. King offered this advice to those in attendance, “If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures.” That quote has become a staple in many African American households.

Dr. King’s efforts in Cleveland proved fruitful when Carl B. Stokes was elected mayor of Cleveland on November 7, 1967, fifty years ago this year.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


As the nation pauses today to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the Cleveland Public Power family extends a sincere “Thank you” to our customers! We are grateful for your support and we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you, Cleveland Indians!


Image: Destination Cleveland.

It’s only fitting that Thursday, November 3, 2016, is an overcast and rainy day in Cleveland. Spirits are low, but pride is running high in this town that has taken on the moniker Believeland!

The power of believing in yourself, your town and your sports teams is part of the fabric of life in Cleveland. We are often the underdog, the little guy that most believe are out of the contest before it begins. This year, we have shown the world that Cleveland is a POWERful city and we have a committed and strong support system. Our support system will #rallytogether when others discount us. We will fight until the bitter end and wake up the next day – win, lose or draw knowing that we gave it our all!

So from the little guy power company to our ALCS Champions we say “Thank you,” for a great season and for showing the world the “little guy” can compete just as well as the next guy!


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Celebrate, it’s National Chocolate Day!

Mud Pie Cupcakes

Chocolate Heaven can be found at Grandma Campbell’s Cupcakes! Located at Stand A-9.  (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

In case you hadn’t heard today is National Chocolate Day! This sweet day was created by the National Confectioners Association and is included on the National Day Calendar, which leads the #CelebrateEveryDay movement.

Here at Cleveland Public Power we like the thought and we love chocolate! Unique days like this give us the opportunity to showcase some of our clients as we have with Campbell’s. We couldn’t stop with Campbell’s because the Westside Market is home to a number of sweet shops. Another stand we have personal experience with his Cake Royale. If you’re looking for chocolate, you definitely have to try this family owned bakery too.

Pictured on the right are Chocolate Monks. We haven’t tried these, but after experiencing their Chocolate Mousse Cake these are certain to be a hit with your chocolate lover. So, what are your plans to celebrate National Chocolate Day?


Chocolate Monks, a chocolate delight found at Cake Royale – Stand D-7 inside of Cleveland’s Westside Market. (Photo courtesy of

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