Utilities United Against Scams!


We are happy to join with our fellow #PublicPower utilities in an effort to put the brakes on scams against our customers.

We encourage the public to be aware and cautious when those posing as utility workers call on the telephone or visit your home. Err on the side of safety and check with your provider before giving out any information or purchasing third party credit cards for payments.

Remember the following about Cleveland Public Power and our interaction with the public:

  • We do not need to gain access to your home
  • If we knock to inform you of an interruption in service we will arrive in a white truck with our logo prominently displayed –> cpp_horzcmyk_notag
  • Our employees wear shirts and jackets with the same logo imprinted on them
  • We will not call you and ask you to go out and purchase a credit card for payment
  • You can pay your bill in person, online, by telephone through our automated system or with one of our customer service representatives

If it feels suspicious call us immediately to report the call or visit. We can verify the legitimacy of the person reaching out to you.

Here are the telephone numbers to reach Cleveland Public Power:

  • Customer Service – 216-664-4600
  • 24 Hr. Trouble Line – 216-664-3156

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