Fireplace Safety Tips


Fireplaces seem to create a romantic and cozy ambiance; however, they can be extremely hazardous if you do not exercise proper caution. It is vital to have smoke alarms on every level of your home, and considering the fact that we just turned our clocks back an hour, all of the batteries in your smoke detectors should’ve been checked/replaced.

You should be certain that your fireplace was constructed for actual use, not just for decoration. If you’re considering installing a factory made fireplace, make sure that you have adequate heat barriers and you aren’t putting it near anything combustible.  If you plan on using your fireplace regularly, you should have your chimney cleaned annually, and ensure that it is clear of leaves, pine needles and any other debris.  You should never use flammable liquids to ignite a fire, nor burn any cardboard, trash or debris in your fireplace.  Always use a screen around the fireplace to keep sparks from flying out.  Never leave your fire unattended, and be certain to put the flames completely before retiring for the night or whenever leaving the house.  Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.  By following these handy tips you should be able to enjoy a warm cozy winter in front of your fireplace, and save on your heating bill.  #thisisCPP #ClevelandPublicPower #FireplaceSafetyTips

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