Celebrate, it’s National Chocolate Day!

Mud Pie Cupcakes

Chocolate Heaven can be found at Grandma Campbell’s Cupcakes! Located at Stand A-9.  (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

In case you hadn’t heard today is National Chocolate Day! This sweet day was created by the National Confectioners Association and is included on the National Day Calendar, which leads the #CelebrateEveryDay movement.

Here at Cleveland Public Power we like the thought and we love chocolate! Unique days like this give us the opportunity to showcase some of our clients as we have with Campbell’s. We couldn’t stop with Campbell’s because the Westside Market is home to a number of sweet shops. Another stand we have personal experience with his Cake Royale. If you’re looking for chocolate, you definitely have to try this family owned bakery too.

Pictured on the right are Chocolate Monks. We haven’t tried these, but after experiencing their Chocolate Mousse Cake these are certain to be a hit with your chocolate lover. So, what are your plans to celebrate National Chocolate Day?


Chocolate Monks, a chocolate delight found at Cake Royale – Stand D-7 inside of Cleveland’s Westside Market. (Photo courtesy of westsidemarket.org)

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