A Successful Public Power Week Honors All Participants from Staff to Customers!

CPP's annual Solar Sprint race is once again a huge success.

CPP’s annual Solar Sprint race is once again a huge success.

Cleveland Public Power celebrated Public Power Week with a full schedule of activities to say “Thank You” to our employees and customers. After paying their bills, customers were treated to coffee and donuts as a token of our appreciation for their continued support.  We also visited all of our Service Centers and offered coffee and donuts to our crews before they began their day.

The weekend began with the “Bright Night Bike Ride”. A small group of CPP staff and friends donned bicycles draped in “glow sticks” and rode from the Whale Wall on North Marginal through Cleveland’s downtown neighborhoods before returning to our administrative headquarters at 1300 Lakeside Ave.  The purpose of the ride was to see how much physical energy we could generate with the hopes of powering a home for 24 hours.  According to our calculations, with 600 cyclists travelling at 10 mph we would potentially be able to power a home for a day.  We missed the goal, but the camaraderie and team work made up for it.

A group of young ladies are working together in their assigned "Pit" to prep their car for the big race.

(Above)  A group of young ladies are working together in their assigned “Pit” to prep their car for the big race.                                                             (Below)  An excited Open House guest enjoys her bucket truck ride. An excited Open House guest takes a ride in a CPP bucket truck


Public Power Week concluded with the annual Open House and Solar Sprint on Saturday, October 10. The Sprint has proven to be a definite draw – this year we fielded 16 teams which is double the amount from 2014.  The Cleveland Municipal School District was well represented by teams from Charles E. Mooney, Clara A. Westropp, and Campus International School.  While being cheered on by their fans, the children competed in timed race trials and trophies were awarded to those who , most creative designs and fastest racers.

The Open House event also included face painting, bucket truck rides, a hands-on cable pulling station, our CPP energy bike, complimentary meals, and more.

Public Power Week was very successful and we are thankful to all of those who played a part in its success from our employees to our customers and solar race participants… we couldn’t have asked for better friends to spend a week with us in honor of public power.

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