News Advisory: Latest scam targets Commercial electricity customers!

Cleveland Public Power customers urged to beware

Thieves are once again preying on utility customers to make a quick buck. This week a Cleveland Public Power customer was contacted with the threat of disconnection of electricity if they did not call an “800” number and make a payment to the Disconnection Department.

Fortunately the customer suspected something was amiss and contacted CPP’s Customer Service Center and reported the incident.
The Department of Public Utilities Police Department is looking into this matter, and Cleveland Public Power is urging its customers to disregard these calls.
“This scam is targeting commercial businesses and while Cleveland Public Power will contact these customers about their bills, we would not refer them to a third party payment option. Any suspicious activity like this should be reported to the Public Utilities Police at (216) 443-2426,” said Cleveland Public Power Commissioner Ivan Henderson.
Henderson also said, “When there is a threat of disconnection the only way to make payments would be in person in our Payment Center, by calling in and making a payment with our Customer Service representatives or making an online payment yourself.”

In business since 1906, CPP is the largest municipal power company in Ohio. Today, CPP boasts 36 substations throughout the city and serves more than 80,000 residential and commercial customers. Cleveland Public Power remains strong, safe and viable as it strategically positions itself for the future. As one of the most reliable systems in the nation, CPP’s employees want its customers to know that they are committed to continuing to provide quality service for the next 100 years… you can Count on it!


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2 responses to “News Advisory: Latest scam targets Commercial electricity customers!

  1. Alyssa

    Where can I find more information about applying for the CPP apprenticeship programs?

    • Unfortunately we don’t have any information posted for this program at this time. The recruitment period for the CPP Intern Apprentice program occurs in February of each calendar year. It is a program with the Cleveland Municipal School District and the recruits are high school seniors. I hope this information helps. If not, please feel free to contact our offices at 216.664.3922.

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