City Recycling Changes: “Don’t Bag It!”

As Cleveland Public Power begins to promote our “Go Green” campaign this month it is only fitting that we share this post from the City of Cleveland’s Division of Waste on changes to the recycling program. Please take note and share with friends and family.

Straight from City Hall

Recently, the City of Cleveland has seen an increase in contamination of its recyclable materials due to non-recyclable materials being placed into the blue recycling carts and drop-off recycling dumpsters. In an effort to reduce this contamination, the City of Cleveland will no longer be accepting recyclable materials in plastic bags.

Recyclables should not be bagged, but placed loose in the blue recycling carts and drop-off dumpsters. While plastic bags are NO LONGER ACCEPTED in City of Cleveland containers, most grocery stores and some other retailers accept plastic bags for recycling. These stores should be contacted in advance to confirm they will accept plastic bags and other items.

Care should be taken so non-recyclables don’t end up in carts or recycling dumpsters. These items can contaminate the whole recycling stream and slow down the recycling process. At recycling centers, workers have to shut down machines to remove unrecyclable materials…

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