What is a Transformer?

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Welcome to Transformation Tuesday!

Each Tuesday join us as we give you a little more insight into the electric utility world. Topics will range from explaining terminology to introducing you to some of our valued customers. Have a question about Cleveland Public Power, pose it and maybe you’ll see it in this space. All we ask is that you keep it clean and respectful.

So today we’re going to talk transformers and in our business they are very important!

A transformer is a piece of equipment that converts electricity from one voltage to another voltage. This conversion could be to a higher voltage for more economical transmission of power over long distances or to a lower voltage for use by consumers.

Transformers are usually either mounted on a pole or a pad.

Pad mount transformers are located on the ground – on a concrete slab locked inside a steel cabinet. These transformers are designed to meet the power needs of households and neighborhoods using underground distribution lines. Homeowners should not plant anything in front of the transformer, and children should never play on or around the steel box.

A pole mount transformer is attached to a utility pole. Usually it is located at the level of overhead cables. These distribution transformers are used to decrease the voltage level from power grids into power lines overhead for use by household consumers.

Pole mount transformer

Pole mount transformers.

There you have it, transformers make it possible for CPP to bring power into your communities and most importantly into your homes. For more information on us click here.

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