Lake Breeze = Great Kite Flying

hand and kite

 Tips for safely flying your kite!

With such beautiful Cleveland weather right now, what better way to enjoy it than to fly a kite!  Make these Cleveland winds work in your favor and experience aerodynamic forces first hand.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well there’s actually a lot to consider prior to getting that kite off the ground.  By exercising the 3 C’s of kite safety: Caution, Courtesy, and Common Sense, you will be successful in staying safe.

Caution – Be aware of your surroundings, know what is in front and behind you at all times.  Kite lines conduct electricity, so do not fly your kite near any overhead power lines or in any thunderstorms.   Should you get your kite tangled in a power line, DO NOT TOUCH THE LINES OR THE KITE!  Electricity can easily travel down your kite lines to you regardless of the type of line you are using, and it can most likely kill you.  Immediately release the lines and handles and move away!  Call your local utility company immediately to inform them of what just happened, and then secure the area so that no one gets hurt.

Courtesy – Have consideration of others.  Do not fly kites near any roads where drivers can become easily distracted.  Try to avoid flying your kite near other kite flyers.  Never fly your kite over people.  Be patient with children and spectators, they probably are not aware of the dangers associated with kite flying and are only curious to see what you’re doing.

Common Sense – Be aware of the limitations of your skills and strength, and do not fly anything too large for the conditions, or try anything too complicated.  Make sure your kite anchors are strong and secure enough to contain your kite.  Never leave your kite unattended as winds can change direction and intensity very quickly.  Keep in mind that at some point your skills, strength, or equipment will fail you; therefore, try to fail SAFE!

By following these simple safety tips flying a kite should be a breeze.

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