CREG Center – What is gasification?

In the simplest terms gasification is the process of turning a solid into a gas; however when discussing the Cleveland Recycling Energy Generation (CREG) Center a more appropriate definition would be the creation of fuel gas from municipal solid waste.

Gasification is commonly mistaken as being synonymous with incineration; however the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a definition of a Municipal Waste Combustor which aligns itself with the process proposed for the CREG Center.

According to the Federal Register the definition is as follows:

 “Municipal waste combustor, MWC, or municipal combustor unit: (1) Means any setting or equipment that combusts solid, liquid, or gasified MSW including, but not limited to, field-erected incinerators (with or without heat recovery), modular incinerators (starved-air or excess-air), boilers (i.e., steam-generating units), furnaces (whether suspension-fired, grate-fired, mass-fired, or air curtain incinerators, or fluidized bed-fired), and pyrolosis/combustion units.”

Key to the success of this method is the removal of harmful pollutants before gasification.

The steps taken at the CREG Center to lower emissions are:

Municipal Solid Waste will be:

  • Sorted at the material recovery facility to remove additional recyclables and items that contain harmful pollutants;
  • Shredded and prepared for pelletization;
  • Made into pellets;
  • Gasified and converted to a synthetic gas (syngas) that is similar to natural gas;
  • The syngas will be combusted like natural gas to fire a boiler that produces steam for electric generation; and
  • Emissions will be controlled through state of the art air pollution control equipment.

To make sure you have the facts about the CREG Center, visit


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