Curbside Recycling – A Key Component of CREG Center

As the City of Cleveland takes on the challenge of reaching its Sustainability, Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard and Recycling goals it is looking to the Cleveland Recycling and Energy Generation (CREG) Center as one answer in achieving these missions.

A key component of that mission is recycling household waste. The City currently operates a curbside recycling program which started as a Pilot program servicing about 15,000 households in 2007. Each year the City has added additional households, and to date there are approximately 45,000 households participating in curbside recycling. Additionally, residents who are not a part of the curbside program have the option to bring their recyclables to the Ridge Road Transfer Station.

The Center will allow the City to accelerate its efforts to implement a city-wide curbside recycling program. The accelerated program will working in conjunction with a state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility allowing the City to extract additional recyclables ensuring that only the smallest amount of waste is sent to landfills.

The Material Recovery Facility will allow the City to handle its recyclables locally, whereas today they are shipped out of state.

By including curbside recycling as part of this Center, the city is capitalizing on the most comprehensive plan for reducing, recycling and recovering resources from Cleveland’s municipal solid waste.

For more information on the CREG Center visit

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