Mayor Jackson, CPP cut ribbon on Solar Photovoltaic Concentrators

AMP President & CEO Marc Gerken, Public Works Director Michael Cox, Council President Martin Sweeney, Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Bernard Sater, Public Utilities Director Barry Withers, Neil Sater and CPP Commissioner Ivan Henderson cut the ribbon. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Cleveland Public Power officials were joined by representatives from American Municipal Power (AMP) and GreenField Solar to cut the ribbon on the StarGen™ Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Concentrators at Cleveland’s Rockefeller Greenhouse.

The Solar PV Concentrator project is a collaborative effort between CPP, AMP, GreenField Solar and the City of Cleveland Rockefeller Greenhouse to provide an alternative energy approach which utilizes one of our greatest natural resources, the sun. The concentrators produce both electricity and thermal energy. The thermal energy will be piped into the Rockefeller Greenhouse to provide heating while the electricity will go back to the electric grid.

The ribbon-cutting marked another step in CPP’s efforts to meet Mayor Jackson’s goal for the utility to have 15 percent of its energy produced from advanced and renewable energy sources by 2015.

Mayor Jackson said, “This innovative project is a step in the right direction.  By advancing the use of renewable and advanced energy, we are moving towards creating a sustainable economy by the year 2019 that also supports the creation of jobs while preserving our natural resources.”

The Solar PV Concentrators are solar powered PV electric generators that track the sun to focus its light onto high performance solar cells, which then convert the sun’s energy to electricity through compact PV cells.

Cleveland Public Utilities Director Barry A. Withers said, “This project exemplifies the success of public-private partnerships in advancing the efforts of the City of Cleveland. Here the City is working with AMP and GreenField Solar to produce clean renewable energy for one of the City’s great assets, the Rockefeller Greenhouse.”

The technology behind the PV concentrators was designed locally, something Cleveland Public Power Commissioner Ivan Henderson applauded, “This project showcases not only the good things that the City of Cleveland and Cleveland Public Power are doing to reduce the region’s carbon footprint, but also exhibits the knowledgebase in the area. These concentrators were designed right here in northeast Ohio by a former NASA scientist. We are committed to Cleveland and the surrounding region.”

One of the key partners in this project was AMP the non-profit, wholesale electric supplier and services provider for municipal electric member communities. Cleveland Public Power is the organization’s largest member.

“AMP is proud to be a part of this important project,” AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken said. “We share Cleveland’s commitment to a diversified and responsible power supply portfolio for our member communities. This project demonstrates public power’s ability to embrace evolving technology and work in partnership with private entities to support innovation to the benefit of all.”

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