Tips on Winterizing your home!

The sun is shining today and the temps are chilly but not too cold, so why not take this opportunity to begin or complete the task of winterizing your home. While there are some common sense tips to prepare for winter and save money, we thought we would go to the ultimate source for information – the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

If you aren’t aware, DOE has a website filled with tips on how to conserve energy year round. Today we’re going to take a look at the tips offered for fall.

Looking to get rid of those pesky drafts coming in from your windows? Well one of the first steps would be to install storm windows – interior or exterior. DOE explains on this site,  the installation of storm windows will “reduce heat loss by 25-50%” which means more heat inside the house.

To further ensure that heat is not escaping through windows you should also check the caulking around the frame.  Information on the importance of weather stripping and caulk can be found here.

Now you may also find leaks around electric outlets, pipes, gaps around the chimney and even in the area around recessed lighting. The key in these areas is to apply more insulation. You might wonder how you are going to find these leaks. Well the unsophisticated method would be to observe the drapery or curtains for movement from wind outside, or hold a piece of paper up to the window to see if it moves from air coming in. The best methods however, may call for an expert. More information on these techniques can be found here.

It is also important to check your furnace filters and to have your furnace serviced if you believe there is a more serious problem. The DOE offers information on furnaces and boilers on its website.

These are just some of the tips offered by the Department of  Energy, and to find more tips on saving energy, just visit this site.

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