Cleveland Public Power Receives Financing of the Year Award

Cleveland Public Power Commissioner Ivan Henderson (left) receives award from AMP Board of Trustees Chair Jon Bisher at the 2010 OPPEI/AMP/OMEA Annual Conference.

Cleveland – Cleveland Public Power was honored for its achievements during the past year at the 2010 OPPEI/AMP/OMEA Annual Conference.

CPP Commissioner Ivan Henderson was recognized for completing a three-year term on the American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) Board of Trustees and the city was re-elected to a new term on the Board representing the Northern AMP Service Group.

Cleveland Public Power was the recipient of the Financing of the Year Award from AMP for a $23 million bond refinancing effort that is allowing the utility to realize an approximate $2.5 million annual savings.

Henderson said of the honors, “I have enjoyed my tenure on the Board of Trustees and used this time to work on behalf of all of Cleveland Public Power ratepayers – seeking to ensure that we are participating in the most efficient and effective generation projects available. At CPP, our teams of finance experts have also worked diligently to keep the utility on solid footing while expanding our system to continue to provide reliable and competitive rates.”

The annual conference was held in Columbus October 25-28 and was attended by nearly 460 municipal officials and industry representatives, with speakers from various national organizations.


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