Cleveland Public Power Restores service to all affected customers

Cleveland Public Power crews restored service to all customers before 10 a.m. after an overnight outage affecting about 20,000 customers including downtown, the westside and the near eastside. The outage began at 3:48 a.m.

Initial indications suggest a protective relay switch tripped, placing a 138kv transformer out of service; but there does not appear to be any physical damage to this line. In order to continue an assessment of the line, CPP’s mobile substation was placed into service to serve the load and restore service.

CPP Assistant Commissioner of Operations Rich Barton said, “While the cause of the outage is still unclear we worked quickly and methodically to restore power without further trips in the system, and had services back up and running at 9:58 a.m.”

Power was restored to downtown and the eastside of Cleveland by 7:30 a.m. and the Westside was phased in to diminish the possibility of tripping the relay system again.

CPP spokesperson Shelley Shockley said, “We want to thank our customers for their patience and we want to remind them that during an outage your refrigerators and freezers will maintain a safe level for up to 24 hours as long as you do not continuously open and close them. The insulation will protect your food, so please leave your refrigerator and freezers closed during an outage to prevent spoilage.”

In business since 1906, CPP is the largest municipal power company in the State of Ohio. Today, CPP boasts 36 substations throughout the City of Cleveland and serves more than 80,000 residential and commercial customers.  Cleveland Public Power remains strong, safe and reliable as it strategically positions itself for the future. As one of the most reliable systems in the nation, CPP’s employees want its customers to know that they are committed to continuing to provide quality service for the next 100 years… you can Count on it!


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