Today is National Census Day

United States Constitution
Image by Paul Robert Lloyd via Flickr

So you have seen and/or heard all of the commercials about the importance of Census 2010, but did you know that today is National Census Day?

Well according to the folks over at, April 1st is the day we should all use as a point of reference for sending back our completed census forms. In other words, if you haven’t sent in the form – do it today!

Are you still on the fence wondering why, you should even be concerned about the census, or do you really not know or understand the whole process?

Well let’s try and break it down for you. The census is the process used to count the citizens  of  the United States of America every ten years, and is actually mandated through the United States Constitution. The Constitution of the United States Article 1, Section 2 reads “The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of 10 years, in such manner as they shall by Law direct.”

So what does that mean to the City of Cleveland? Well according to the City of Cleveland Planning Commission, “For every Clevelander not counted, our community will lose $1,200 in critical service funds in the next 10 years- services for children, seniors, families and others.” A loss of funding could mean more cuts to our schools, hospitals, road repair, and other critical services needed to operate.

As the commercials have stated – it’s now in your hands, my hands and the hands of all of the citizens of the United States. Take ten minutes out of your time to be counted! If  you have already returned your form – thank you, if you haven’t – what are you waiting for!

Beginning this month, census takers will begin going door-to-door to encourage those who have not returned their forms to do so, don’t be left behind – send in your form today and give Cleveland the opportunity for a brighter future!

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