Delegates close out visit to Japan

As the delegates begin to wrap up their time in Japan, they visited the Vendor Headquarters and resumed the Q&A sessions. They have found the management team and president of the company to be very receptive to the many pointed questions, and impressed with the types of questions being posed. In closing remarks they were reminded of an inspirational saying that in essence urged you “to be ready to move forward when opportunities arise and not to give up, instead work through any obstacles you may face.” The next activity was to visit a customer that uses the gasification system. Housed at this site is a state-of-the-art medical lab, which uses the gasifier to dispose of expensive medical waster. The operation was impressive as was the facility layout. Located in a residential area, the facility did not seem out of place – and if you did not know what it was, you would not have known it was there. The delegates videotaped the tour of the facility while it was in operation, giving a first hand view of the technology living up to its reputation. The day ended with a meeting at a possible brick making company, and candid conversations about what had been seen thus far.

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Filed under Economic Development, Japan, Renewable Energy Sources

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